Summer 19 Salesforce Business Analyst Virtual Summit

July 29-August 2, 2019

Master the Hottest Skill Set for Salesforce Professionals

As part of the wave of digital transformation sweeping businesses of all sizes, Salesforce has emerged as the premiere platform to enable efficiency and automation.With Salesforce’s rapid growth, the demand for skilled professionals with Admins and Developers exploded.

Now, there’s a huge opportunity for specialized Salesforce Business Analyst careers–carrying average salaries in the six-figure range! The increased demand for experienced Salesforce BAs has resulted in a lack of professionals who are knowledgeable on best practices of Business Analysis and adept at translating this knowledge onto Salesforce projects.

The Salesforce Business Analyst Summit is a community-led virtual event sparked by the need for education specific to this highly-specialized niche of Business Analysts.

Learn best practices, get actionable training, hear expert speakers and receive career guidance.

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content you just don't need, the Salesforce Business Analyst Virtual Summit is delivered entirely online. Each days Sessions are available to watch, for free, on demand for 48 hours. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your career, or catch them all. It’s up to you!

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